In the past my photography has largely been for record and reference but in recent years has become image making as primary practice. Much of my working life involved teaching art and design with practical involvement in my own work from time to time.

Many of the photographs here show carefully framed detail rather than the broader view and often concentrate on the relationships of shape, pattern, texture, tone and colour rather more than the subject matter itself.

Like many, I work to themes to be explored systematically, accumulate related images over time from a variety of locations and make immediate and singular responses to the new and unfamiliar. Post-camera image adjustments are kept to a minimum and the final colour and monochrome images may well be cropped down from the camera format.

I respond particularly to architecture, urban and rural landscapes, flowers, trees, natural forms, engineering, mechanisms, railways, boats, ships, industrial archaeology, coasts and harbours.

An almost lifelong interest in abstract painting is acknowledged in the abstract galleries where I have used photographs as starting points to intuitive explorations that can reach far removed and sometimes strongly coloured destinations.

Please return to the galleries from time to time to see new images and use the contact facility if you would like to comment on them or, as a photographer, would like to link websites.

Tony Jolly